In this mini course you will learn

the basic foundations to

Living Quantum Consciousness

with 3 instructors.

Pat and Christine will begin by explaining the Realms of Quantum Consciousness, offer ways of taking your own personal journey, and briefly explain about the Living Quantum Consciousness: Introduction to Self Course. Pete will take you on a meditation journey that will allow you to feel expansion. Finally, you will have an opportunity to journal about this feeling of expansion.

This is just a sample of what the course series offers.

Join us!

What is

Living Quantum Consciousness?

This is a guided journey expansion process where you:

  • Discover new aspects of yourself
  • Explore other realms of your own consciousness
  • Feel and know your connection to source energy
  • Awaken to who you truly are....

--Your Soul is

waiting to Meet You!--

Who is Peter Smith?

Who is Pat OMalley?

Who is Christine Martineau?