"I was able to experience a feeling of deep connection that opened me up to being able to take my business to a whole new level."


Through Other Realms

"We help people remember that they are actually part of the fabric of the cosmos,
in different bodies, dimensions, and realities."--Peter Smith

In this course you will:

  • Learn how to "Journey through Other Realms" of your Consciousness.
  • Expand your awareness through several guided meditations
  • Explore your Alternate, Parallel, Interdimensional, and Eternal Consciousness.
  • Feel a deeper connection to who you truly are by solidifying your experiences in journal reflections
  • Know you are a magnificent being here to LIVE in resonance with all humanity

Peter Smith

I’ve been passionately exploring consciousness for over 20 years. Living Quantum Consciousness shows you how to remember your magnificence, so you can live a transcendent life. I am the author of "Quantum Consciousness - Journey through other Realms." and the Creator of Living Quantum Consciousness.

Find more information about Peter at https://www.instituteforquantumconsciousness.com/

Pat OMalley Ph.d

My passion is working with mind/body issues through the power of hypnotherapy. When working with clients I employ the powerful experience of Regression therapy, the transformational healing of Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy, and the groundbreaking Quantum Consciousness Experience !  

Find more information about Pat at https://www.pat-omalley.com/

Christine Martineau M.Ed, AQCF

I have been educating adults and children for over 20 years. As a Facilitator of Consciousness I am here to guide you to knowing you are so much more than you have been told. I am excited to do a little bit of educating and a lot of supporting you on your personal journey in discovering who you are.

Find out more information about Christine at https://www.nolimits2you.com/


It is important for the flow of the courses that you take

Introduction to Self: Course 1 before Journey Through Other Realms: Course 2.